Advanced Retail Shelf Analytics for CPG Brands

Unlock the potential of your retail shelves with our AI-powered analytics solution. Revolutionise shelf monitoring by gathering and analysing real-time insights using Image Recognition & AI technologies. Enhance customer experiences and drive sales growth for your CPG brands.

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Importance of Retail Shelf Analytics

Retail shelf analytics play a crucial role in optimizing merchandising strategies for CPG brands. They let you analyze how products are placed, check stock levels, and ensure promotions are on point. Armed with this information, you can tweak your merchandising strategies to perfection. Think of it as having a GPS for your store layout, guiding you to optimal displays and increased visibility. With every shelf optimized, you're maximizing your chances of catching customers' attention and boosting sales. Plus, staying on top of inventory and promotions keeps your brand top-of-mind for customers. Retail shelf analytics empower you to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and enhance your brand's presence on the retail floor.

Shelf Monitoring Untill now

Shelf monitoring or gathering retail shelf data was undertaken by manual audits or outdated survey-based reporting tools. CPG teams were hindered to quick decision making capability as they did not have access to real-time information on their retail execution. Curbing out-of-stock situation ad planogram compliance violations has been an issue and there was no method to gather information at a per-store level across categories. The importance of having access to real-time retail shelf analytics plays an important role in gathering accurate information and addressing execution gaps immediately which has been the challenge so far.
Some of the challenges CPG brands and retailers face today are:
Slow manual process of data collection
Limited coverage as only fraction of stores are visited
Inaccurate data due to increased human errors
Delayed response to fixing execution gaps
Decreasing field force producitivity
High turnover time in reporting

Image Recogntion-based Real-time Retail Shelf Analytics

Technologies like Image Recognition and AI are enabling CPGs to have access to shelf analytics across every store at all times. It's like having your eye on every product on every shelf, across every store. This enables CPGs and their teams to take decisions quickly and address any gaps that impact their retail execution performance. For instance, teams can now understand what products are going out-of-stock frequently at which store and work along with the store manager to optimally stock best selling products on their shelves at all times, thus impacting product visibility and ultimately sales.


  • Monitor shelf inventory in realtime and ensure products are always available at all times
  • Predict inventory needs accurately to prevent stockouts and minimize excess inventory
  • Analyze Share of Shelf for your brand and optimize for better placement
  • Instantly fix planogram gaps and improve promotional material placements
  • Analyze competitor product placements and pricing strategies
  • Data-driven decisions based on real-time  analytics, leading to better business outcomes and store profitability

Meet Shelfwatch - AI-Powered Retail Shelf Analytics

Looking for an advanced retail shelf intelligence software? Meet ParallelDots' ShelfWatch - one of the most advanced shelf analytics solutions that provides CPG companies with real-time shelf monitoring insights in their perfect store execution. With state-of-the-art computer vision technology, Shelfwatch accurately assesses real-time shelf conditions, product placement, and ion-shelf stock levels. Empowering you with invaluable insights, to take control of your shelves, monitor reail execution and boost per-store sales. From providing product availability to maximizing promotional effectiveness, Shelfwatch drives operational excellence and elevates the retail execution.

Key Features

User-friendly Interface

Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.

AI-assisted Intelligent Photo Capture

Automatically identifies blurs, slants, and poor-quality images.

Real-time Data

Instant access to SKU-level on-shelf conditions, stock availability, and pricing.

Actionable Insights and Compliance Tracking

Detects promo displays, planograms, and visibility issues, providing instant action plans on the go.

Competitive Intelligence

Monitors competitor adjacencies, assortments, pricing strategies, promotions, and more.

Offline Capability

Conducts store audits even in locations with limited or no internet connectivity.

Seamless Integration

Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.


Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.

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