ShelfWatch for Retail Execution

Real-time shelf monitoring insights for your perfect store

ShelfWatch effectively comprehends the environment in which SKU’s are merchandised. It provides actionable insights and creates a virtuous feedback loop which helps CPG companies in their perfect store execution.

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Image Recognition technology increases sales force productivity, improves shelf condition insights and helps drive incremental sales.

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“Image Recognition can help consumer goods manufacturers win at the retail shelf” - Ed Porter, Tuong Nguyen

Meet ParallelDots ShelfWatch

ShelfWatch gives a complete picture of your perfect store execution by calculating different KPIs that can be customised as per requirement. These include:

  • On-device blur and angle detection: ShelfWatch’s mobile app takes images to assimilate analysis on product placement and visibility on the shelf. It also provides smart features like blur detection and angle or eye-level alignment while taking images.

  • Off-line Mode: Images can be clicked even in a no-internet zone without hindrance and can be uploaded once an internet connection is available.

  • Real-Time Reporting: ShelfWatch gives near real-time KPI feedback using image analysis and deep learning that are directly transferred to ShelfWatch cloud for detecting POSM and SKUs.

  • Integration: ShelfWatch easily integrates with multiple SFA and DMS apps. All our salient features such as real-time image quality check and real-time shelf insights work perfectly in the integrated solution.

  • Corporate Dashboard: ShelfWatch’s detailed Insight dashboard provides competitive analysis by count, presence, shelf area covered by SKUs and POSMs, brand presence across stores, and geographical breakdown over a map overlay.

  • Customised Reporting: Every brand has unique visibility compliance standards and reporting needs. Using Power BI dashboard to create customised dashboards in partnership with brands helps ensure high relevance and usage within company organisation.

  • Supervisor Portal: It can benchmark the performance of your sales rep and help them improve their KPIs. It can also monitor store-level issues and send message alerts to sales teams.

  • Quality Feedback: Image  Despite training, oftentimes field users make errors in taking pictures, which can affect important measurement KPIs. ShelfWatch App has an image quality assistant, where it alerts the user if an input image has issues like - blur, glare, steep angle, wrong category etc.

  • Image Stitching Guides: ShelfWatch app has a stitching assistant feature which guides the user to take sufficient overlap images (for stitching them together to give one complete image), thus ensuring that no product is missed or double counted.

Why use ShelfWatch?

Who can use ShelfWatch?

Empowering Global CPG & Retail Ecosystem with Data-Driven Decision Making

Sales Leader

  • Track on-shelf availability, Shelf-Share & ensure stores meet set planogram compliance
  • Address pricing gaps and track competitor adjacencies in realtime
  • Tweak and improve sales execution strategies at per-store level

Category Leader

  • Ensure presence of top selling SKUs on the shelf at all times per category
  • Track competitor SKUs and better plan your shelf space
  • Achieve category growth with data-driven planning

Field Agents & Salesman

  • Reduce store audit time and cover more stores in a day
  • Fix execution errors with actionable data and recommendations
  • Identify sell opportunities and build relationships with retailers

Trade Marketing Director

  • Track in real-time promotional compliance at every store
  • Have full control and save on retailer payouts
  • Track competitors to better plan promotions, new product launches, offers and discounts

ShelfWatch is ahead of other platforms

Project setup time

2 weeks with >90% accuracy from the start

>8 weeks, claims quick setup while delivering below 70% data accuracy

Unknown SKU tracking

Effortless to track and train unknown SKUs via Saarthi portal

Lack processes for detecting and training AI on unknown SKUs, leading to ad-hoc handling and delays

Data Accuracy

Consistent accuracy of 95%, even with occluded/rotated SKUs, similar-looking SKUs, or low-light environments

Struggles to achieve 95% accuracy in non-ideal conditions or demands complex photo-taking guidelines

New SKU/POSM/POP detection time

Detection within 48 hours; competitor SKUs are proactively monitored in Saarthi portal

Struggles to accurately detect POSM materials, as the AI training process is longer than the POSM's market presence

Traditional trade compatibility

Highly compatible, currently processing over 3M photos per month in traditional trade channel alone

Most pilots in traditional trade have failed to achieve data accuracy above 70%

Value for Money

ROI-focused, strong emphasis on customer success, supported by a 150+ member team; NPS of 8.0 in
quarterly surveys

Struggles to provide adequate customer support while serving multiple clients due to small team sizes and non-scalable approaches

New SKU/POSM/POP detection time

Struggles to accurately detect POSM materials, as the AI training process is longer than the POSM's market presence

Struggles to accurately detect POSM materials, as the AI training process is longer than the POSM's market presence

ShelfWatch + Saarthi - Powerful Image Recognition, Ahead of Other Platforms

  • Rapid AI training platform
  • New SKU detection within 48 hours
  • Less manual effort, Saves time & cost
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case study

Double Digit Sales Lift Generated by ShelfWatch for a Global Confectionery Manufacturer

ShelfWatch enabled the brand to quickly access the compliancereports of their coolers from the images captured by their reps in more than 200k+General Trade outlets. This is one of the largest deployments of Image Recognitionin GT channel globally

AI Accuracy achieved within months of deployment

Improvement in Visicooler KPI scores

Images Processed Monthly

ShelfWatch enforces contract compliance for Share of Shelf & Secondary Displays

What the incumbent vendor couldn't achieve in 3 years, ShelfWatch achieved in three months -98% SKU level OSA accuracy. ShelfWatch aced in digitising shelf audits for a leading personal care manufacturer, by sticking to the basics of what is most wanted in an Image Recognition Solution - speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. We currently provide OSA insights for 900+SKUs

OSA Accuracy


Categories (Including SKUs like sachets)

A Global Manufacturer of Health & Hygiene products improves Core-SKU OSA by 25% within 3 months

ShelfWatch's state-of-the-art Computer Vision technology has been successfully leveraged to overhaul the Perfect Store Programme for a Global Health & Hygiene giant. A nationwide rollout was accomplished in only 3 months for 5000 large modern trade stores by ParallelDots

SKU Tracked


Monthly Images Tracked

Privacy and Security is in our DNA

At ParallelDots, privacy and security are our top priorities. We adhere to leading industry standards and are dedicated to ensuring the security of your data with comprehensive governance throughout the entire platform.

Awards & Recognition

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“ParallelDots allowed us to gain visibility into how our products are placed on shelf across different regions and retailers. The data and insights provided by ShelfWatch helped us take quick remedial action. We are able to prioritize execution for low performing stores and drive productivity across our field force.”

RB Health,
Customer Activation Manager