Digitized Store Audits Using Image Recognition & AI

AI-driven retail store audits have substantially reduced audit duration for CPG brands, leading to quicker responses in rectifying execution gaps and boosting store sales and field force productivity on a large scale.

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The Significance of Retail Store Audits

Retail audits assess store activities and the effectiveness of merchandising strategies for CPG companies. The goal is to ensure products align with the planned presentation, check stock levels, and verify compliance with guidelines regarding promotions, pricing, and product placement. Through these checks, businesses identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, enabling informed decisions. This process enhances retail performance, drives store sales, and increases brand visibility on retail shelves.

Downside of Traditional Retail Audits

Traditional or manual audits involve a sales pro or brand rep, chosen by a market research or intelligence firm, conducting retail store assessments through on-site visits. These audits include observing and tallying products on shelves, along with interacting with staff. Utilizing pen and paper and manual methods, they uncover details about a CPG manufacturer's procedures, product placements, stock levels, and practices.As markets expand and competition intensifies, traditional audits struggle to keep pace, limiting the decision-making abilities of sales and marketing teams.
Today manual or traditional store audits are;
1. Slow and time consuming
2. Inaccurate and error prone
3. Offer limited coverage of stores
4. Increased field force fatigue, decreased productivity..
5. Observations via human intervention, lack of evidence
6. High turnover time of in-store data

Store Audits of the Future - Image Recognition Powered

Image recognition technology is revolutionizing the audit process for numerous CPG brands and retailers today. Through its convenient 'Click and Go' image capturing feature and interactive data visualization tools, field representatives can effortlessly conduct a complete category audit within minutes. Picture your team clicking and uploading a few shelf photos, and voila! Overlaying real-time data insights onto store shelves makes identifying optimization opportunities a breeze.


  • Easy Click and Go auditing 
  • Most accurate fine grained data 
  • Increased coverage of stores 
  • Cut down on store audit time 
  • Instant insights and action plan 
  • Access competitive intelligence

Meet Shelfwatch - From Insights to Actions in Minutes

ShelfWatch's cutting-edge retail store audit solutions offer CPG companies immediate insights into perfect store execution. From ensuring planogram and POSM compliance to monitoring share of shelf execution, identifying price tags, and beyond, our AI-powered image recognition technology delivers a comprehensive view. ShelfWatch enables teams to customize key performance indicators (KPIs) according to specific requirements for a tailored and insightful analysis.

Key Features

User-friendly Interface

Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.

AI-assisted Intelligent Photo Capture

Automatically identifies blurs, slants, and poor-quality images.

Real-time Data

Instant access to SKU-level on-shelf conditions, stock availability, and pricing.

Actionable Insights and Compliance Tracking

Detects promo displays, planograms, and visibility issues, providing instant action plans on the go.

Competitive Intelligence

Monitors competitor adjacencies, assortments, pricing strategies, promotions, and more.

Offline Capability

Conducts store audits even in locations with limited or no internet connectivity.

Seamless Integration

Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.


Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.

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