AI-Powered Retail Execution Software For CPG Brands

Make every retail store a perfect one with cutting-edge Retail Execution software powered by Computer Vision & AI. Monitor your retail execution strategies in real-time and avoid out of stock situations, improve on-shelf product visibility and boost sales.

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Significance of In-Store Retail Execution Software

If you’re a CPG brand looking to thrive and grow in today’s fast-paced retail world, then retail execution software is the must-have solution for your business. With these advanced tools, you can assign tasks to your field teams and track their progress more efficiently. By offering real-time visibility into inventory management, order processing, and merchandising, these software enable you to optimize strategies and prevent stockouts or overstock situations. Moreover, REPs also offer robust analytics and reporting capabilities that allow you to track key KPIs, monitor sales trends, and gain actionable insights into your business performance. Ultimately, REPs contribute to enhanced operational efficiency, improved visibility, greater customer satisfaction, and maximized sales.

Impact of poor retail execution

Frequent out of stock scenarios leading to lost sales
Misplaced products on the shelf, thus poor brand visibility
Poorly implemented planogram leading to messy shelves
Incorrect pricing of products
Ineffective promotions and messaging
Poor ROI on trade spends
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Image Recognition for Next Generation Retail Execution Monitoring

Traditional methods of collecting retail execution data involved manual methods and survey-based digital applications which were ineffective as it was error prone, time consuming and a hindered decision making for CPG leaders. This leaves auditors/on-field agents with very little time and capability to correct execution errors while they are still in the store. 

Image Recognition-based retail execution monitoring involves capturing or gathering data by simply clicking a few images of the shelves inside the store, using a mobile camera. This improves field agents productivity by reducing store audit time by 60%. The field agents or auditors can now get real-time execution data and fix errors on the spot, hence increasing the reactive time for CPGs. Following are the benefits of Image Recognition based Retail Execution software.


  • Provide real-time visibility into in-store execution for informed decision-making
  • Manage inventory effectively to balance on-shelf stock levels and ensure product availability
  • Enhance field force productivity by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows
  • Optimize sales and merchandising strategies to maximize on-shelf visibility, hence per-store sales
  • Provide real-time insights into operations for quick identification of improvement areas and better decision-making

Meet Shelfwatch - Smart Retail Execution Software

Powered by the industry’s leading compute vision technology, ShelfWatch by Paralleldots is the most advanced and reliable retail executive software for CPG brands and manufacturers. Its impressive 95%+ accuracy at the SKU level provides CPG companies with several ways to improve their retail execution. Using IR data, ShelfWatch optimizes product placement and availability, resulting in increased purchases and enhanced customer experience. By providing real-time data on product performance, ShelfWatch ensures compliance with planograms and promotional activities, which help companies stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, ShelfWatch helps identify and resolve out-of-stock and misplaced products in real-time, leading to better customer satisfaction. Additionally, it allows CPG companies to monitor their brand performance against competitors and make data-driven decisions for strategic growth. 

Key Features

AI-Powered Insights

Shelfwatch uses AI algorithms to analyze shelf images, helping you in understanding consumer behavior, identifying trends, and optimizing product placement strategies.

Optimized Shelf Space

It helps you ensure efficient use of shelf space by recommending ideal product placements based on visibility, consumer preferences, and sales data.

Increased Sales

By strategically placing products, Shelfwatch helps you capture shopper attention, leading to increased sales through optimized shelf space and product placement.

Competitive Advantage

Detects promo displays, planograms, and visibility issues, providing instant action plans on the go.

Competitive Intelligence

Monitors competitor adjacencies, assortments, pricing strategies, promotions, and more.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Shelfwatch provides valuable data and insights for informed decision-making on inventory management, product assortment, and promotional strategies, based on comprehensive shelf data analysis.

Seamless Integration

Streamlined navigation for capturing high-quality images efficiently.

Cost Savings

Shelfwatch minimizes waste and out-of-stock situations, leading to cost savings through efficient inventory management and maximizing sales opportunities.

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