SmartGaze: AI powered coding for efficient Eye Tracking

A truly automated solution for gaze-coding for physical eye tracking exercises.
Reduce research turnaround time, save cost and free yourself from the hassles of manual coding.

Use Cases

Package Design Testing

Cases for refining package designs, findability levels

Shopper Research

Cases for in-store Research: Campaign Effectiveness, brand valuation and POP Material etc.

User Experience Research

Cases for User interface and digital advertising testing with wearable eyeglasses.

Why SmartGaze ?


Reduction in Time

Reduce your turnaround time for eye tracking projects from weeks to a few hours cutting down huge amount man-hour.

Reduction in Costs

Reduce your all-in costs by disrupting manual coding pipeline of your eye tracking projects' analysis process.

Increase in Efficiency

You don't have to worry about managing data, reviewing the quality of coding and meeting deadlines for projects anymore.



Get the distribution of attention with a color coded heatmap.

Eye Tracking Metrics

Heatmaps of AOIs: TTFF, Time Spent, Fixations, Ratio, Re-visitors, Revisits


Define AOIs and reveal their attention results.

Data Export

Export the data for custom analytics.

Gaze Plot

Get the final view of the respondent’s path and fixations.

Put Markers

Mark important happenings during data collection to facilitate the analysis.