Introducing Saarthi: The future of Image Recognition. Effortlessly train AI models to quickly detect new SKUs with precision.

Saarthi accelerates the training process of AI models, allowing you to detect new or unknown SKUs on the shelves within 48 hours, while delivering over 95% accurate shelf KPIs consistently.

Meet Saarthi

  • Need for large datasets: Effective training in traditional image recognition projects demands extensive datasets, or dependency on pre-existing master data, necessitating a substantial investment of time and resources.

  • Manual intervention: Manually labeling photos for training is a time consuming and error-prone that adds complexity to the project setup.

  • Human dependency: Attaining peak accuracy in AI models involves frequent human intervention, resulting in it being a resource-intensive process and restricting scalability of the IR platform.

  • Rapid AI model training: Saarthi trains AI models on new SKUs in just 48 hours, slashing project timescales and empowering businesses to expedite the deployment and iteration of AI models, thereby minimizing time to market.
  • Automated data annotation: Automated annotation reduces reliance on manual labeling, streamlining the data preparation process. Saarthi's enables precise labeling of images, saving users valuable time and effort.
  • Reduced human intervention: Reduced manual dependency frees up resources and boosts scalability. The platform learns and adapts continuously, and eliminating frequent manual adjustments.
  • Accurate and dynamic KPIs: Analysis of real-time data streams provide up-to-date KPIs, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changing market conditions.
  • Swift deployments of AI models: Rapid train AI models to detect new SKUs on the shelves within 48 hours.
  • Save on time & effort: Automatically sort, group and classify new SKUs in just 3 clicks.
  • Increased data accuracy: Less dependent on human intervention and manual data preparation.
  • Consistently accurate shelf KPIs: Get accurate shelf KPIs and execution data consistently.

Saarthi + ShelfWatch

No-Code Platform

AI Training made easy even for non-technical teams

Rapid SKU Detection

Detection of new SKUs within 48 hours compared to other IR solutions

Save Time & Effort

Less dependency on manual annotation and large datasets to train AI