ParallelDots Partner Program
Unleashing Global Synergies

Join our Partner Program to extend your reach and deliver scalable solutions with us. Our partners are integral to our success, helping us serve Fortune 500 clients through collaborative innovation.

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Benefit of our Partnership program

Access to IR Expertise

Gain access to the image recognition expertise utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Global Market Access

Utilize our extensive global networks for access and expansion opportunities.

Enhanced Solution

Collaborate to create joint solutions and enhance your portfolio of offerings.

Mutual Growth

Complement each other's strengths and craft a comprehensive solution

Strategic Business Development

Strategically partner with a well-defined go-to-market approach

Foster Innovation & Collaboration

Experience an advanced solution through collaborative efforts
Become Our Busines Partner

Easy IntegrationReal-time Industry High Accuracy

Increase in Market ReachGet Access to Fortune 500 accounts


Stay CompetitiveIncrease your odds of winning RFPs, Tenders

We offer a range of integration options tailored for complementary solution providers such as SFA or CRM apps. Our easy-to-use REST APIs, deeplinks and native mobile SDKs ensures you can effortlessly incorporate our advanced capabilities into your existing solutions.

Effortless Integration, Minimal Dev Resources

Why Partner with ParallelDots

The Go-To Choice for Retail Image Recognition
ParallelDots is a global leader in retail Image Recognition solutions, trusted by Fortune 500 giants such as BAT, Unilever, Mondelez, and Kenvue. Our clients choose us not just for our cutting-edge technology, but also for our commitment to delivering on our promises.

Many of our satisfied clients have transitioned from other Image Recognition providers, drawn by the advantages we offer:
  • Rapid Deployment: Our superior technology significantly reduces lead times to go-live, accelerating your time-to-value.
  • Resource-Efficient: We handle project management end-to-end, freeing up your internal resources to focus on what they do best.
  • Reliable Results: We deliver on our promises, ensuring that you get the outcomes you expect, every time.
Turbocharge Your Growth with ParallelDots
Partner with us to unlock unparalleled growth and efficiency in your retail execution solution.
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