Real-time Retail Analytics to Drive Retail Execution

With visual retail analytics instantly capture and analyze shelf data and make data-driven decisions that help Improve on-shelf SKU availability, optimize displays, and stay ahead of the curve. With ParallelDots’ retail execution analytics, harness the power of AI to elevate your retail execution and revolutionize the way you do business.

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Why real-time retail analytics is the need of the hour for fast paced CPGs

The success of a retail execution strategy hinges on its effective implementation in-store. While numerous factors contribute to a successful sales execution, real-time data can greatly enhance efficiency. With instant visibility into operations, teams can promptly identify gaps and address issues, ensuring consumers easily find products on shelves. Rapid identification of product placement and shelf conditions simplifies the task of maintaining optimal visibility and availability. Real-time retail analytics streamline operations, saving time and resources for CPG brands. Through optimized pricing and promotions, brands can increase profitability and market share.

Downsides of Traditional Retail Analytics for Retail Execution Monitoring

Delays in identifying retail exeuction gaps
Blind spots to poorly implemented promotions and pricing strategy
Poor shopping experience due to frequent out of stocks
Reduced field force productivity due to repetitive nature of manual audits
Lack of real-time store-level data to make real-time decisions
Lack of visual proof of store conditions
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AI Retail Analytics for Perfect Store Execution

Real-Time Retail Analytics with AI-Powered Image Recognition revolutionizes retail execution implementation. By automatically scanning shelves and analyzing images, this technology gathers precise data on SKU-level product placement, availability, and store compliance. This real-time insight enables brands to swiftly adjust product availability on-shelf, prices, ensuring competitiveness and maximizing sales. Moreover, it facilitates strategic decision-making by evaluating product performance, optimizing inventory, and monitoring pricing compliance across various channels. With AI's ability to process vast amounts of visual data quickly and accurately, retailers can stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market landscape.


  • Get real-time data on on-shelf stock, and ensure availability at all times
  •  Stay ahead by monitoring competitor pricing and promotions continuously.
  • Monitor planogram, pricing & promotional compliance at store-level.
  • Identify product pricing gaps and immediately fix them with collaborating with your retailers
  • Ensure trade compliances and get better ROI on your trade payouts.

ShelfWatch - Optimize Retail Execution with the Most Advanced Image Recognition AI

Imagine having eyes on every SKU on every shelf across every store at all times. That is what ShelfWatch achieves for you. With over 95% SKU level accuracy, ShelfWatch empowers CPG brands to enhance store audits and boost sales. Seamlessly track product placement, availability, and compliance with planograms in real-time. Identify out-of-stock items and misplaced products instantly, ensuring better customer satisfaction. ShelfWatch is fast to setup, helps identify new or unknown SKUs faster with few datasets as compared to other Image Recognition platforms, making it the best choice amongst global CPGs today. Unlock the power of ShelfWatch to revolutionize your retail execution and stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features

Digitized store audits

Say goodbye to manual audits that are slow and prone to errors. With ShelfWatch's mobile app, your field force can quickly capture and upload shelf images, saving time and effort.

Optimized Shelf Space

Ensure efficient use of shelf space by recommending ideal product placements with real-time visibility.

Increased Sales

By strategically placing products, Shelfwatch helps you capture shopper attention, leading to increased sales through optimized shelf space and product placement.

Fastest setup & time to market

Train AI models faster and with minimal datasets. Eliminate the need for technical team assistance & Master Data dependancy to train SheflWatch AI on new SKUs.

Competitive Intelligence

Monitors competitor adjacencies, assortments, pricing strategies, promotions, and more.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Shelfwatch provides valuable data and insights for informed decision-making on inventory management, product assortment, and promotional strategies.

Rapid Detection

Rapidly train Image Recognition AI on detecting new or unknown SKUs within 48 hours.

Cost Savings

Shelfwatch minimizes waste and out-of-stock situations, leading to cost savings through efficient inventory management and maximizing sales opportunities.

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