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Text Classification

Text Classification can be useful in understanding customer behaviour by categorizing conversations on social networks, feedback and other web sources. Search engines, newspapers, or e-commerce portals categorize their content or products to facilitate the search and navigation

How Our Text Classification API works?

Text Classification is a very important tool for categorisation of data sets on a large scale. Text Classification assigns one or more categories to a text, allowing to structure data for better insights. We utilize a comprehensive list of taxonomy to categorize the text content or web page contents into definitive tags.

Text Classification might involve different types of datasets and we have solutions for all the variations. A client might have datasets that are:
1. Untagged datasets, to be classified into generic categories. We have our API for classifying sentences/articles into standard IAB categories.
2. Tagged Datasets with multiple categories. This type of classifier can classify text into 10s and 100s of user defined categories like E-commerce product categories.
3. Partially tagged datasets, where only some of the data is tagged with categories and a lot of untagged data is available. Such classifiers are used to do intent analysis.
4. Chat Lingo and shorthand text classification. For such classification, where words are shortened and are not grammatically accurate, we use character level embeddings and hence can get around users' tendency to shorthand text.

Text Classification Use cases

Content search and recommendation

Tag your content or your products using categories as a way to improve browsing or to identify related content in your website. Text Classification of content on website using tags helps google crawl your website easily which ultimately helps in SEO.

Different documents

Document organization

Text classification lets structuring of collections of documents and records. One can automatically classify and manage documents such as financial reports, sales report according to your workflow or standard taxonomies.

Pens and notepad

Customer Feedback

Classify customer support requests acoording to priority or severity level to take prompt action. Lesser Response time can lead to better user experience

SEO optimization

Classifying your content into standard categories would mean consistency across your platform, in turn improving your SEO

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Why Our Text classification API

Powerful Algorithms

A suite of deep learning algorithms made to target different types of datasets.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Define your own text classification models using rules, training texts, or both.

Ease of Use

Integrate using REST API calls for real time results even for multi-tag classification.

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