Named Entity Recognition

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Named-entity recognition(NER) can identify individuals, companies, places, organization, cities and other various type of entities. API can extract this information from any type of text, web page or social media network.

How our NER API works?

Named-entity recognition API seeks to locate and classify elements in text into definitive categories such as names of persons, organizations, locations. It can extract this information in any type of text, be it a web page, piece of news or social media content.

The API uses Deep Learning technology to determine representations of character groupings.The text to be analyzed is broken into word groups and words are further broken down to character groups and neural network trains on both of these granularities. The hypothesis behind the algorithm is that there are two important aspects which determine if a word is a proper noun, the first is the composition of a word, what syllables it uses and what sounds it comprises of and the second is the adjacent words to the considered word.

NER Use cases

Generating Meta Data

Automatically generate meta data for your content which can be used to improve SEO.

Generating documents
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Social Media Listening

Identify the trends associated with your brand, product or service and group them by person, place or location.

Intent Analysis

Extract key entities in user queries like product name,service request etc. to analyse most frequently used terms

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Automatically generate keywords for your blog or news articles which can be consistent across different authors


Highly Accurate

Uses Deep learning algorithms to provide high accuracy even on user generated content.

Powerful Solution

Ability to reliably classify entities into name, person, organization, location etc.

Real Time

Works very fast and delivers results in realtime, easy to integrate as REST APIs.

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