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Entity Extraction

Entity Extraction can identify individuals, companies, places, organization, cities and other various types of entities. The entity extraction API can extract this information from any type of text, webpage or social media network.

How our Entity Extraction API works?

Entity Extraction API seeks to locate and classify elements in text into definitive categories such as names of persons, organizations, locations. It can extract this information in any type of text, be it a web page, piece of news or social media content.

The API uses Deep Learning technology to determine representations of character groupings.The text to be analyzed is broken into word groups and words are further broken down to character groups and neural network trains on both of these granularities. The hypothesis behind the algorithm is that there are two important aspects which determine if a word is a proper noun, the first is the composition of a word, what syllables it uses and what sounds it comprises of and the second is the adjacent words to the considered word.

Entity Extraction Use cases

Text classification can come in handy whenever there is a need of organizing large corpus. Platforms such as E-commerce, news agencies, content curators, blogs, directories, government, academia, and likes can use automated technologies to classify and tag content and products. Text classification can be customized heavily to aid highly selective situations involving analyzing and classifying texts.

Why Our Entity Extraction API


Highly accurate classification of unstructured textual data

Real Time

State of the art technology to provide accurate results real-time


Can be trained on custom dataset to obtain similar accuracy and performance

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