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Intent Analysis

Analyzing the underlying intent associated with any textual data

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Intent Analysis

This classifier tells whether the underlying intention behind a sentence is opinion, news, marketing, complaint, suggestion, appreciation, and query. This is trained on our proprietary dataset.

How our Intention Analysis API works?

Intent Analysis goes a level deeper than sentiment analysis and gives an idea of whether a string of text is a complaint, a suggestion or a query.Gauging the intent of messages on social media opens a lot of new possibilities.

It uses Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) algorithms to classify a text into different. LSTMs model sentences as chain of forget-remember decisions based on context. It is trained on social media data and news data differently for handling casual and formal language. We also have trained this algorithm for various custom datasets for different clients.

Intent Analysis Use cases

Intent Analysis can help brands classify online conversation as complaint, suggestion or a query. Marketers can target customers based on their intention about a feature or a product. Thus, optimizing their advertising funnel. Customer support department of a brand can be benefited heavily using Intent Analysis. They can automate classification of online conversations and make the process fast and efficient using our Intent Analysis API. Read more about application of Intent Analysis.

Why Our Intent Analysis API


Highly accurate classification of unstructured textual data

Real Time

State of the art technology to provide accurate results real-time


Can be trained on custom dataset to obtain similar accuracy and performance

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