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ParallelDots gives you state-of-the-art Text and Image Analysis Tools – with a convenient API – for making all your Apps smarter by adding the power of Artificial Intelligence. Try it

News API

Individualize your newsfeeds

Smart API enables individualized news tracking across comprehensive news sources. Identifies the most relevant articles for each user according to their specific items and entities of interest. Prioritizes and delivers results in an accurately categorized newsfeed.

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Social Media Analytics

Track your evolving social media sentiment

Analyzes sentiments of the lastest tweets and comments in multilingual contexts, categorizes and clusters them while streamlining the searching experiences. Generates keywords from the latest trending tweets.

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E-Commerce Beta 

Sharpen Your Product Search

E-Commerce search technology automatically tags and categorizes products based on their existing descriptions. Significantly improves on organic search results. Generates navigational links to highly targeted products when a customer uses the search box on your e-commerce website.

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