In 2012 people shared 200 Million images a day on social media. Today that number is 4 billion! As a brand, agency or marketer you need to see inside those images to take an informed business decision. ParallelDots’ visual intelligence APIs help you sift through millions of images to identify trends that affect your business or to monitor streams of images to flag suspicious content like NSFW images, copyright materials, etc. that can affect your business reputation. ParallelDots’ visual intelligence APIs can be set up within minutes, and it can be scaled to process any number of images as per your requirements.

nudity detection
upload a photo to check for nudity.

Nudity detection classifier is a powerful tool to filter out pornographic and non-pornographic images from social media feeds, forums, messaging apps, etc.. ParallelDots nudity detection classifier can filter such content and help build a safer platform for your community.

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virality detection
upload an image to get it's popularity score

Virality Detection API gives a score to images based on their potential to go viral on the Internet. This API has been built by training a super deep neural network on a huge corpus of image and their scores crawled from the open web. The score that you get as output is the virality score of the input photo out of maximum score of 100. Our in house experiments suggest that accuracy of this algorithm to predict image virality is as high as 85%.

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