Virality Detection

Virality Detection API gives a score to images based on their potential to go viral on the Internet. The AI model is trained using a super deep neural network on a massive corpus of images and their likes count as crawled from the open web. The score that you get as an output is the virality score of the input photo out of a maximum score of 100. The algorithm achieves an accuracy of 85% on AVA dataset suggesting a strong correlation between image aesthetics, and it's potential to become viral. This API, therefore, can also be used to estimate the aesthetic quality of an image.

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Virality Detection

upload an image to get it's popularity score

Why our Virality Detection API ?


Highly accurate classification of unstructured visual data.

Real Time

State of the art technology to provide accurate results real-time.


Can be trained on custom dataset to obtain similar accuracy and performance.

How it works

Virality Detection Network is a modified DenseNet (Dense Residual Convolutional Network) which combines both high and low level features to deduce virality

A DenseNet takes the concept of ResNet even further by having Residual Connections from all possible layers instead of just interleaving one layer.A denseblock is shown in the following figure:

use cases

Restaurent Aggregators

Restaurant aggregators can discover images that have a high popularity score and make converting customers easier.

Public Relations Experts

Public figures can find out which of their pictures will become popular, without being bogged down by the subjectivity of biases, shortcuts and cognitive illusions.

Stock Photo Aggregators

Stock photo aggregators can easily decide which images should go up on the website in order to maximise visibility and ensure public approval without going through the trouble of manual selection


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Business $299

1M hits/month
(180 API hits/minute)


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