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AI powered video analysis platform

Easily add intelligent video analysis to your applications.

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Measuring user-product interaction

Market research specialists can understand consumer behavior through AI-powered analysis of product interaction videos.
In this video, we find out the following metrics using AI.

  • Total time taken for the trimming operation and time spent in each area of the face.
  • The number of trimmer strokes made along with the intensity and length of each stroke.
  • Angle of the trimmer and face angle at each point in time.
  • Emotions and facial distortions made during trimming etc.


Educators can interpret learners' emotional responses to their content, advertisers can find out whether viewers are paying attention during commercials, and recruiters can measure a candidates' personality traits by plugging in our Emotion Detection to their videos.

Our Video Analysis solutions can map facial expressions to 7 emotions - happy, sad(frown), neutral, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust.

Automated retail shelf monitoring

Retail managers can now use AI to assess the shelf positioning of their products. This customizable tool can find out, in real-time, how prominent your product is with respect to competitors and provides quantifiable metrics to measure visibility. With the latest advancements in computer vision, such attribute coding is now more efficient and accurate than ever.

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