ShelfWatch for Traditional Trade

ShelfWatch understands the complex environment in which the SKUs are merchandised in traditional trade and can deliver KPIs such as distribution, paid visibility compliance and asset purity.

What is Traditional Trade?

Traditional trade is a spread-out distribution network of small retailers, dealers, distributors, etc in an intricate network serving localized customers through regular orders.


Image Rejection Rate


Time taken to train for new SKU/merchandising material


Cost that makes sense for Traditional Trade

KPIs that ShelfWatch delivers

Features & Components


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1M+ images analyzed from different traditional trade outlets



Flexible to deploy and scale based on business needs

quality images

Improved Data Collection

Blur or faulty image detection

target images

High Accuracy

98%+ accuracy on SKU level without requiring large sets of training data

cost effective images

Cost Effective

Dramatically lower costs due to fewer resources required in setting up ShelfWatch


5 things to consider before deploying image recognition in traditional trade
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