ShelfWatch for Modern Trade

Overview of how ShelfWatch is used for MT execution

In-store execution in Modern Trade

More than 50% of purchase decisions are made in-store. In-store brand visibility is important and the execution programmes (knows as ‘Perfect Store’ or ‘P6’) typically cover following elements (KPIs)

On-Shelf-Availability (OSA)of core SKUs

Promotions and Paid Executions

Display of new launches

Share of Shelf (SoS) in Category

Correct Price Display

Planogram Adherence (eye level, adjacency, brand blocks…)


Accurate measurement of execution is a problem:

Solution from ShelfWatch

ShelfWatch measures and assists visibility execution at low incremental cost. Existing field reps can click images with an app and enable:

Business Impact

The ShelfWatch programme has proven ability to improve sales by 2 - 4%, through better execution by:

The output is also used by leadership and brand teams for execution and competition insights

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