Double Digit Sales Lift Generated by ShelfWatch for a Global Confectionery Manufacturer

Double-digit average sales lift generated

A powerful tool that aids category management

Track sales performance at all levels of hierarchy

ShelfWatch enabled the brand to quickly access the compliance reports of their coolers from the images captured by their reps in more than 200k+ General Trade outlets. This is one of the largest deployments of Image Recognition in GT channel globally


a global food product company


general trade




1M+ monthly


The client makes high investment per outlet by installing its branded coolers at GT outlets. This makes its products stand apart, helping with better brand affinity. However, there were some challenges -

Purity: Store owners often kept competition products in client’s branded coolers

Hot zone Placement: Coolers were often not kept at cash counters and other desired high visibility areas

Planogram: The client wanted to influence purchase behavior by carefully researched Planograms, but execution of these planograms at scale was very difficult

The client used to rely on third party audit programme to address the above challenges, but this was expensive, slow and non-scalable. There were also accuracy problems with the audits.

How ShelfWatch delivered better RoI from Cooler Investments

ShelfWatch provided KPI results with 97%+ accuracy. Fast analysis by the AI meant the brand could now shift from monthly to weekly outlet audits.

Moreover, image analysis by the AI ensured all images captured on the field are analysed & not just the sample. Actionable insights generated by the Image Recognition analysis are available with the sales reps which helps them take corrective actions in the field itself.

the impact

After implementing ShelfWatch, the confectionery manufacturer was able to ensure that their branded coolers were stocked full and free from any foreign products (“pure”). Not only that, ShelfWatch improved the KPI scores by up to 80% leading to double-digit growth in incremental sales.


Accuracy of Computer Vision achieved with KPIs as opposed to manual retail audits


Improvement in Cooler Planogram Compliance


Improvement in Cooler Purity Compliance

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