Nudity Detection

Inappropriate content classifier is a powerful tool to filter out pornographic images from social media feeds, forums, photo sharing apps, etc. ParallelDots inappropriate content classifier can filter such content and help build a safer platform for your community.

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Nudity Detection

upload a photo to check for nudity.

Why our Nudity Detection API ?


Highly accurate classification of unstructured visual data.

Real Time

State of the art technology to provide accurate results real-time.


Can be trained on custom dataset to obtain similar accuracy and performance.

How it works

A ResNet 50(a 50 layered Residual Network) pretrained on imagenet dataset was fine-tuned on a dataset of nude/non-nude images. This dataset is made by our data tagging team to come up with the nudity detector. A Residual Network is a Convolutional Neural Network with residual connections.

use cases

Content Aggregators

Websites and apps which source content from the public can use this to improve their response time in moderating unwarranted inappropriate content.

Online Discussion Forms

Online discussion forums can use this API to preserve their legitimacy by regularly filtering through user generated content.

Large Scale Businesses

Brands that make use of marketing campaigns which require users to upload images for different contests will benefit from this technology.


(30-day subscription)

Starter $49

60K hits/day
(60 API hits/minute)

Standard $149

15K hits/day
(120 API hits/minute)

Business $299

1M hits/month
(180 API hits/minute)


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