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Image Recognition

The image recognition API has the ability to detect objects in an image. It also provides a probability score corresponding to each detected object, illustrating the probability of that object’s presence in the picture. It is a useful tool to build visual search capability and lets you create a compelling discovery engine for your items.

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Image Recognition

upload a photo to check for image recognition.
Image Recognition

Tags Score

Why our Image Recognition API ?


Highly accurate classification of unstructured visual data.

Real Time

State of the art technology to provide accurate results real-time.


Can be trained on custom dataset to obtain similar accuracy and performance.

How it works

A Residual Convolutional Network of 101 layers was trained on a large dataset of 9 million images and their categories to come up with the classifier. A Residual Convnet is a Deep Convolutional Network architecture with residual layers.Example of a residual connection is figure below:

Image Recognition

use cases

Big Brands

Image recognition can be used by brands to detect unauthorized use of their logos, and controlling their brand reputation online.

Stock Photo Aggregators

Stock photo aggregators will find it effortless to attach keywords to images. Users can easily look up these images based on tags already identified by AI-based algorithms.

Online Retailers

Online retailers can allow their users to search visually through their product catalog and convert more customers using visual understanding.


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Price: $79
6K hits/day
(60 API hits/minute)


Price: $199
15K hits/day
(120 API hits/minute)


Price: $299
30K hits/day
(180 API hits/minute)


Price: $499
2 Million hits/month
(maximum capacity)


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