frequently asked questions

What are ParallelDots API?

ParallelDots API, is a webservice that can comprehend a huge amount of unstructured textual content to enhance your textual cognition. We have state-of-the-art qualitative content analysis tools vis-à-vis Named Entity Recognition, Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Analysis & Keyword extraction that will help you parse the electronic texts(new articles, blogs, tweets, facebook comments etc). For more information on ParallelDots API and it’s capabilities, check our interactive Demo.We are coming up with Vision APIs soon.

Why would I use ParallelDots API?

Anyone who needs to quickly and accurately extract and analyse valuable information from a textual or visual data can use our Artificial Intelligence APIs. Text and Visual Analytic have numerous applications in different industry verticals. ParallelDots Artificial Intelligence APIs can add significant value to your research fabric and analysis by automatically tagging and classifying datasets and by optimizing and customizing your search experience.

What all APIs do I get in the free tier ?

You get access to all Text analysis APIs that ParallelDots AI APIs provide. You can get the list of text analysis APIs here.

What do you mean by hits in each of these plans ?

By hit we mean any input which is equal to or less than 300 characters. So if your input corpus has say, 780 characters, then it will be counted as 3 hits.

I did not understand your paid packages ?

It is very simple when we understand it in the form of an examples.

In our free tier plan, we give you 10k hits free per month. This comes with just one limitation i.e. out of your 10k hits, you can only use 1000 hits each day.

In our standard paid tier, we charge you according to your usage. You need to provide your credit card details when you sign up for a paid tier, that how we charge you. In our standard tier you are charged nothing upto 10k hits per month. Post reaching 10k hits we charge you a $1 for every 1000 hits. For example if you make 13k hits in a month, then you would be billed $3.

When do you charge my credit/debit card?

We will charge your credit card at month’s end. Although, if your hits don’t exceed 10k hits then you will not be charged anything.

Can I pay annually up front ?

I am afraid, we don’t have this option as yet. But if you want such an option feel free to write to us at and let us know about your thoughts.

Is there a demo? How do I try it out ?

We have an interactive plug and play Demo for all our APIs.

What are the usage limits? How many API calls am I allowed to make each day ?

Free tier: We have a limit of 10k hits per month with a boundation of 1000 hits per day. For our paid plans, our model is pay as you go.

I have to cancel my plan, can I get a refund ?

We have a pay as you go plan, so you only pay for something that you have used otherwise we don’t charge anything.

I've cancelled my plan and I can I still access your APIs ?

We automatically shift you to our free tier plan which has 10k hits/month free. So that you don’t miss out anything important on the go !

What if I want to deploy APIs on my own server ?

Deploying APIs on Enterprise servers is substantially costlier as compared to directly using APIs. If you have a use case where it is necessary, you can write to .

Where can I get resources for helping me in setting up the APIs ?

We have a dedicated page for helping you get started with the ParallelDots API using a language of your own choice (It’s easy and fun). If you have any more question, we’re always available on .

What languages does ParallelDots API support ?

Certain ParallelDots Artificial Intelligence APIs are available in multiple languages :

  • Portuguese Sentiment Analysis
  • Chinese Sentiment Analysis
  • Spanish Sentiment Analysis

All the other NLP APIs right now work only with English.
We work closely with enterprises to make need based customized solutions. If you specifically need the APIs for any particular language, please drop a mail at