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What is ParallelDots API?

ParallelDots API, is a webservice that can comprehend a huge amount of unstructured textual content to enhance your textual cognition. We have state-of-the-art qualitative content analysis tools vis-à-vis Named Entity Recognition, Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Analysis & Keyword extraction that will help you parse the electronic texts(new articles, blogs, tweets, facebook comments etc). For more information on ParallelDots API and it’s capabilities, check our interactive Demo

Is there a demo? How do I try it out?

Take a test drive to kickstart with our technology!! Check out our Demo

What are the usage limits? How many API calls am I allowed to make each day?

Click here for more information on API Pricing.

Why would I use ParallelDots API?

Anyone who needs to quickly extract and analyse information from a large amounts of unstructured documents can use our content analysis tool. If you are a web developer, ad network, content portal, content publisher, CMS provider or media monitoring firm, ParallelDots API can add significant value to your research fabric and analysis by automatically tagging and classifying datasets and by optimizing and customizing your search experience.
ParallelDots API can be used to

  • Recommend most relevant news/articles
  • Analyse and monitor social media content
  • Personalise newsfeeds through your clickthroughs and browsing history
  • Improve website navigation
What languages does ParallelDots API support?

ParallelDots API are mostly restricted to texts in English. However, our keyword and sentiment analysis can work on multilingual contexts.

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