Enterprise Services

ParallelDots' Enterprise Services team can help your Artificial Intelligence project become a roaring success!
One that everyone talks about and makes your competitor look medieval.

Why ParallelDots Enterprise Services?

Expert Consultation

Dedicated team of machine learning experts to help you define your problem.

Test before you invest

Low cost POC implementation to help set KPIs and RoI metrics for your AI project before committing significant resources.

Customer Success

Dedicated customer success team to help you at each step of the project until you achieve your desired goals.

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Straight from the horse's mouth!
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Understand user behavior to drive engagement.

ParallelDots enterprise services helped a popular news app to personalize its feed according to user behavior. Personalization increased the app engagement by 3X within a month of going live. ParallelDots’ self-learning technology meant that personalization keeps improving with more usage.

Augment keyword search functionality to cut down research time.

A well-known financial search engine integrated ParallelDots’ NLP APIs to augment their keyword search based functionality. The APIs were customized to understand financial phrases and deployed on customer’s private cloud to ensure data privacy. An AI layer on top of keyword-based search results helps analysts to cut down their research time.

AI Solutions for Consumer and Retail Insights.

We provide Artificial Intelligence solutions for automating human intensive tasks and enabling execution of new ideas for market research. We are helping worlds largest market research firm, Nielsen to automate their text coding tasks saving cost and improving accuracy. Check out Karna.AI, our dedicated market research offering.