Survey analysis for an international design institute

The Challenges

Students write candid answers to six questions about the institute’s academic rigour, newly launched online portal and facilities.

Traditional methods of analysing open-ended responses suffer from multiple human biases and are intensive in terms of effort as well as time. Knowing this, they decided to outsource this project to ParallelDots. The goal was to understand key themes in student feedback consistently and without bias. Ideally, they wanted to find a solution that they could use continuously, to measure the effect of actions taken over time. ParallelDots employed their in-house tools to perform these tasks. Their standard text classification product is SmartReader.

Our Approach

Our team built a user-friendly and efficient SaaS solution to analyze students’ responses. Our strategy involved identifying key themes of concern that emerge from their voice and discovering how the institute is faring in these areas. We wanted to understand the general sentiment of the students and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Becoming the best educator in Australia

By leveraging responses to open-ended comment questions together with ParallelDots’ AI-based predicted satisfaction from student comment data, the ParallelDots analysis provides much deeper and more actionable insights than are obtainable with conventional analytics. In contrast to typical tracking studies, which are limited to just measuring satisfaction levels, ParallelDots yields not only intelligence about the actual factors driving satisfaction (the “Why's”), but also quantifies the extent to which each factor actually influences satisfaction.



Reduction in time required for survey analysis


Improvement in quality of insights.


Improvement in accuracy of classification results.

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