How Happy are your Hotel Guests?

The Challenges

Online reviews and ratings have become a key factor in the hospitality business. Every hotel is vulnerable to angry and dissatisfied customers because a bad online review can make or break a hotel’s image permanently. Hotels invest heavily on customer satisfaction but these efforts are often scattered and do not hit the mark. Hotel owners often wonder if a particular investment in the form of, let’s say, a renovation project will yield the estimated output. Through this study, we look to provide a quantitative and data backed answer to one essential question- What are your investments worth?

Our Approach

ParallelDots used AI to analyze thousands of hotel reviews to find the answer to the following key questions automatically :

  1. What are the key themes that guests talk about?
  2. How do the hotels fare around these key themes?
  3. What are important keywords in the location-related reviews?
  4. What is the general sentiment of guests who talk about value for money?
  5. Which tier of hotels serve the highest value for money?

Improving the sales from last fiscal year and increasing the customer satisfaction rating

This is a sample study undertaken by ParallelDots using some of their proprietary tools. The aim of the study was to communicate the importance of analyzing open-ended or unstructured reviews/feedback. ParallelDots generate some cutting edge results and insights that would not have been discovered otherwise. We uncovered the key themes around which most of the reviews revolve and also categorized the hotel reviews into their respective themes. Along with carrying out the categorization, ParallelDots employed its AI-based tools to understand the sentiment and the emotion behind the reviews. All of these metrics helped us transform the growth strategy that hotels across the globe can employ.



Customer reviews analyzed

48 minutes

Time required to categorize and analyze reviews


Number of unique insights discovered with SmartReader

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