Feedback analysis for an Audio Device Giant

The Challenges

This company is a frontrunner in the wearable audio devices industry. They are best known for their audio quality and creative designs. Their earphones is one of the most frequently searched and purchased products on Amazon. End-consumer-facing organizations receive thousands of feedbacks on e-commerce platforms. Such open-ended data is very hard to analyze manually. Manual analysis of a large set of unstructured responses is vulnerable to human error and biases.

Our Approach

ParallelDots used AI to analyze thousands of reviews to find answer to the following key questions automatically :

  1. What is the sentiment of reviewers towards their over-the-head earphones?
  2. What is the underlying emotion that buyers show towards their earphones?
  3. What are the key themes that the reviews revolve around?
  4. How does this company fare around the key themes? What are the key areas for improvement?
  5. What keywords are most frequently used in negative reviews?

Quest to becoming audio device leaders

SmartReader undertakes a deep analysis of customer reviews and provides targeted results which cannot be identified with conventional methods without breaking the bank. In contrast to typical tracking studies, which are limited to simply measuring satisfaction levels, ParallelDots brings out the actual factors driving satisfaction and quantifies the extent to which each factor actually influences satisfaction. Companies can use the insights generated by ParallelDots to improve product quality and create an effective retargeting strategy.



Customer reviews analyzed

54 minutes

Time required to categorize and analyze reviews


Number of unique insights discovered with SmartReader

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