ShelfWatch helped a Tobacco Giant improve its Brand Visibility and Retail Merchandising Execution

The Background

Due to regulations imposed on marketing of tobacco products; POSMs and promotional materials are the only way for brands to communicate with customers about new products, product improvements, and branding. Client wanted:

  • In-store merchandising,
  • Monitor competitors’ activities like new launches and marketing, and,
  • Understand ROI of visibility investments.


Outlets per Month


Assets per month


Images Annually

Before ShelfWatch

  • Manual auditing
  • Low turnaround
  • Error-prone insights

After ShelfWatch

  • High accuracy and fast feedback
  • Lift in penetration
  • Reduced turnaround time

The Challenge

Manual process

Data collection and analysis was time consuming, expensive, and error prone.

Competitor Insights

New designs encountered during auditing were not taken into consideration.


Verification of the audit results was not possible making the data and analysis less reliable.

Our Approach

The sales reps took pictures using the ShelfWatch app. The app discards low quality and duplicate images thus enhancing the efficiency of the whole process. The spatial analysis aspect brought about by the app’s Map Feature help identify key geographical areas where execution and its effects were low thus giving key insights for improvement.

The Result


Increase in POSM Compliance


Increase in Execution Reach Targets


Of the new launch campaigns generated new actionable insights

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