Social Media Monitoring

Enhance customer experience by listening to social conversations, build awareness by finding out influencers, gain useful insights for product development and much more with ParallelDots Social Media Monitoring tool

Powerful Social Listening

Paralleldots Social media listening gives instant access to conversations over social media as they happen. It makes it easier to gather customer feedback and uncover trends impacting your brand, products and industry.Our deep learning powered strong AI engine lets you segment out the most important voices on web based on their sentiment and influence.

Discover Brand Influencers

Identify, reach and engage your brand influencers who make the most impact on your audiences. Apart from the traditional metrics of identifying influencers based on reach and engagement of their post, we analyse the content they share to help you identify whether the influencers endorse or criticise your brand.

Find Popular Keywords and Hashtags

Discover trending topics and their contribution in determining your overall sentiment.Identifying topics that trend along with your brand mentions and their associated sentiment score helps you in identifying your focus areas and improve your offering.

Brand Awareness

Our powerful AI has been trained over billion data points to figure out the right sentiment. With a best in class sentiment analysis, you can’t be wrong.

Useful Insights and Actionable Data

Stay at the top of industry using key Insights extracted from detailed analysis using social listening tool.It lets you take smarter, data driven business decisions.

Superior Customer Experience

Consumers are using social media to talk about your brand. Quickly identifying and responding to these conversations from hundreds of thousands of such conversations, can lead to enhanced customer experience

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