Track Press and Social Media Chatter

Social media and press go hand in hand. It just doesn’t make sense to measure them separately. With our unified dashboard, tracking social media and press mentions just got a whole lot better!
All Social Channels

Bring all social channels and their performance under one roof. Now you don’t have to use different tools to measure different social channels.

Track Press Coverage

Your press coverage is extremely important to track and we bring you the most comprehensive tool to just that.

Keyword Association

Find keywords associated with your brand and optimise your SEO strategy accordingly

Precise Listening

Never miss out any conversation.Now you can track conversations from sources like social media, news , blogs, forums in real time. Our media monitoring tool lets you manage all the conversations on easy to use dashboards.

Trend Analysis

Automatically discover trends from online conversations about you or your competitor on any digital media. Our media monitoring tool uses deep learning algorithms to accurately find out the associated sentiment and related keywords from these conversations.

Reach Out Potential Customers

Find people who need your product and reach out to them in real time by tracking your most important keywords. You can even find your competitor's clients by analyzing their social conversations

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