Easy to Use PR and News Monitoring Tool

Track most useful information related to your keywords on news sites, forums,blogs and more. Build strong brand equity by finding out your brand advocates and reaching them out in real time with PR and News Monitoring tool

Automated Sentiment and Trend Analysis

Our Monitoring tool uses deep learning algorithms to automatically identify sentiment associated with every mention and segments it into positive or negative in a separate feed. It also tells you about the most frequently used keywords and hashtags in the conversation

Discover Industry Experts

Pinpoint your industry influencers on the basis of built in influencer score to make conscious decisions about who you should be working with.

Also get to know what type of content they generally share which can be useful insight for initiating a conversation with them using real time feed

Competitive Intelligence

As a marketer or business owner, the first thing we do is analyze our competitor. Actionable Insights obtained are then used in product development, marketing strategy, content creation etc.

Our monitoring tool lets you track your competitor's mentions, top influencers, trending topics and lot more

Your News in Real Time

Our news crawlers tracks every mention in real-time from around 100,000 articles crawled every day on a single dashboard, enabling users to more quickly and easily identify relevant coverage, analysis and insights on how it impacts them or their industry.

Gather Contextual Insight

Apart from tracking mentions, we analyze the content of these mentions to prioritize and surface the most important mentions in real-time. Duplicate mentions from different sources are grouped together to ensure maximum effectiveness and relevance of the mentions feed.

Increase Engagement and
Conversion Rates

Build highly relevant and engaging content around your brand/products and distribute using the in-built newsletter tool. Our smart feed automatically learns and surfaces the most important content based on your newsletter content curation activity.

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