Real Time Tracking of Sentiment and Mood

Go beyond measuring number of mentions by understanding the context that the mentions are coming from. Our powerful sentiment analysis algorithms do just that for you. Now you can know what is the narrative around your brand that everyone picked up!
Powerful AI

Our deep learning model is trained over million of documents with varying sentiments across a range of industries. Our cutting edge algorithms combined with vast amount of data that we feed ensures you receive the most accurate sentiment, in real-time.

Granular Data

You can take a deep dive inside your brand data and gain insights you never had.

Easy Reporting

Reporting around your brand and chatter around it has never been easier!

Measure What Matters

Quantity or vanity metrics like impressions, engagement rates, backlinks show us how users are engaging with our content. But these numbers can be deceiving unless we can qualitatively analyse the content shared by these users.

With sentiment analysis you can dig deeper and look into the quality metrics like emotions, opinions, ratings etc. and gain more useful insights

Prioritize Your Decisions

Sentiment Analysis allows you to understand the tone of the conversation and in turn, prioritize user’s problem based on the severity of the tone. Quickly identifying and responding to the most important conversations also lead to enhanced customer experience.

Ideas for Product Innovation and Improvement

Gleaning insights from the conversations can help product development teams take smarter decisions by understanding how users are responding to their product features.By analyzing the sentiment and trends together, a brand can easily get to know what consumers actually want from the product.

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