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Your Intelligent Digital Listening Tool

Powerful AI tool to track news and conversations about your brand and people
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Know The Mood and Sentiment

Our powerful AI reads everything about you and gives them a sentiment score. Now all your marketing efforts can be analyzed and fine-tuned based on the sentiments of user’s conversations

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Track Press and Social Media Chatter

Your brand is generating thousands of conversations and is in news everyday. We help you listen to all of that and prioritize the one you should take action on

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Influencer Identification and Outreach

Know the journalists, bloggers and social media influencers that matter to you the most so that you can actively engage with them, turn them into evangelists and expand your reach

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Power Your Organization

Boost Brand Awareness

Find top people writing about your industry or your competitor and reach them to assist you in making your brand a household name.

Trend Analysis

Analyze what’s hot in your market. Tracking keyword and hashtag allows you to find the most relevant topics to your products timely.

Understand Your Competitors

Boost your competitive analysis by tracking your competitor’s actions. Get to know what works for them and optimise your strategies accordingly

Enhance Customer Experience

Serve your customers by reaching them and quickly solving their problems when you get all the conversations in a single dashboard.

Easy Reporting

You can see all the conversations on single dashboard varying from sentiments to top industry influencers. Also find the latest market trends.

Useful Insights and Actionable Data

With an ability to analyze unstructured content like text and images, stay at the top of your industry using key Insights extracted from detailed analysis on both structured and unstructured data. Stay ahead of competition by prioritizing content that most affect your brand reputation


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